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Our Terms & Conditions

1. All prices are charged on an hourly rate, unless a fixed price has been agreed. There is a minimum charge of 3 hours on all services, with any time after this charged in half an hour increments at the same rate. Prices are estimated to the best of our ability and based on the information given to us.

2. Should your job travel through a congestion charge zone or toll roads this extra charge will be added to the price.  

3. Parking arrangements are the responsibility of the customer. Should no parking arrangements be made, the customer will be responsible for any infringements received and they will be added to the bill on completion of the job.

4. Comfort Moves Ltd cover your items for loss or damage up to £20,000 with our ‘Freight Operators Liability‘ insurance policy. Comfort Moves will not be liable for the first £150 per claim. If any additional insurance is needed we must be informed in advance.

5. Payment: We accept credit/debit cards, cash or bank transfer before the end of the job. For our benefit and yours, the safest way to pay is by credit or debit card (3.5% extra charge).

6. Scheduling times are estimated. We will always do our best to arrive at the agreed time but circumstances outside our control (such as traffic) may result in a delay. No discount or refund will be given in the unlikely event that we are late.

7. Comfort Moves Ltd accept no responsibility for any damage or breakages unless they are acknowledged on the day of the job.

8. With the fixed price, please note that there is a charge of £15.00 per hour per worker for waiting time, if we cannot access the property.

To avoide the extra waiting charges we can offer upfront payment between £30 – £50, depending on number of workers. Our WAIVER option will cover you against waiting time charges your remover may charge you.

9. Storage charge: weekly charges. If the invoices are not paiyng on time and are overdued.unpaid over 3 months (100 days MAX from date of last invoice), we will get rid of them and use: recycling centeres, we will selling to house clerences companies, give away to Charity Companies‎ or we will sell them privately to clear our spaces. 

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