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Packing materials and packing tips.

1. Room category

A good start to good packing is being organized. You want to pack so that everything is in order and will be easy to unpack at your new home or office, isn’t that right? So you need to pack according to each room. Put your bedroom things in one box, your kitchen things in another, your bathroom things in another box and so on – you get the picture. Trust us on this.

2. Quality materials

There is no point painting a picture unless you have a canvas and a decent set of paints, so why would you expect to pack well unless you have high quality packing materials? Go shopping for or order some packing materials like strong boxes, tape, bubblewrap, labels, etc. Then you’re all set.

3. Heavy bottom light top

Start by packing your heavier items at the bottom of the box and put the lighter things on the top, so there are no breakages and so that nothing gets squashed.


4. Don’t pack too much

It’s been said time and time again but we’re going to say it again: don’t overpack your boxes. If they are overfilled, they might break and during a move, that’s the last thing you want to happen.


5. Don’t leave any gaps

Although you shouldn’t overfill boxes, you do need to ensure there are no empty spaces in your box so that all of its inner things don’t rattle about. You can fill any gaps with newspaper, old socks, and anything that comes to mind.

6. Tape up well

Packing well and not taping up well is like going to a beautiful place and taking no pictures. You want to make sure you keep your belongings perfectly wrapped and that’s part of the job. Removals are not easy and you want to take the stress off yourself by ensuring it is all done properly. So do not forget to tape your boxes up well.

7. Label

Yet another obvious thing that a great number of people forget to do is label their boxes. Can you imagine what a nightmare it’s going to be at the other end of your move when you unload all of your boxes off the removal van and nothing is labeled? You just have a load of blank boxes. So don’t let that happen. Label each box according to its room and it will save a lot of hassle when it comes to unpacking when it comes to the end of moving.

Packing like a pro isn’t impossible, you can do it. Just have some faith in yourself, follow the above steps and you’ll pack like an expert. However, if you are not confident, don’t be afraid or ashamed to hire a professional removals company. They’ll have expert movers who will be able to help. But if you can, use the above tips and at least give it a try. Moving house doesn’t have to be too hectic if you start off with decent packing.



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