Comfort Moves

Customers Reviews:
  • Bedding and clothes can usually be left in drawers etc. These should be left unlocked if the piece of furniture is heavy or cumbersome. If drawers are full of heavy items (e.g. paper work or breakables) please pack into boxes

  • Please ensure all boxes are packed tightly, and clearly mark all fragile boxes(particularly important with storage jobs)

  • Do not put any fragile or breakable items in plastic bags

  • Decide beforehand which room your furniture and boxeswill go in your new home, and markthem accordingly

  • Defrost the fridge/freezer. Use freezer boxes or bags to transport frozen food, these bags are available from freezer centres. If moving with a freezer full of food, turn it up a day before the move to ensure everything stays cold longer when you unplug it

  • On the day, pack one box with a kettle, tea bags, mugs, coffee, milk, snacks, matches, kitchen roll, can opener, sharp knife, cutlery, plates, screwdriver, hammer, candles, plugs, fuses, toilet rolls and light bulbs. Keep this box with you, along with important documents, telephone numbers, cash and valuables and the keys to your new home


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