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Just a few pre-emptive steps will protect your items from evitable damage

Here is a list of few things:

Proper packaging

Packing mean more than just putting items into boxes. Different items will require different kinds of packaging and padding for adequate protection. Use old newspapers, bubble wrap and foam to fill in the gaps between items. For economizing, you can also use clothes, towels, bed sheets, pillows, and cushions as fillers. It is always advisable to pack things in clean tissue or plastic before wrapping them in newspapers so that the paper print doesn’t transfer onto your china. Always put the heavier items below and try to fill the box to its full capacity. However, take care not to overfill it. Bulging boxes are unstable and difficult to stack one on top of the other.

Labellng the boxes in terms of fragility

While most removal services usually include making a list of your belongings, it is always better to make one for yourself for comparison’s sake. An easy way to know what you have put in each box is to write the contents of it on the box itself. If that is not possible, you can put it in broad labels to get an idea. You can also label the room in which each box goes in your new house so that the movers can unload and put it there. A simple label on a box saying ‘fragile’ will help the house movers know how to handle your delicate items and ensure they travel well.

Preventing moisture

Moving furniture can be the trickiest part of any move, mostly because they may be big and heavy. Even if you can disassemble and pack your furniture in smaller parts, you would still need to ensure that each bit is wrapped in plastic and packed with moisture absorbing packets so that it doesn’t get damaged in rain. Wooden furniture is particularly susceptible to moisture and mould, although leather and upholstery can suffer considerably as well. It may also help to coat your furniture with waterproof sprays if you are expecting humid or rainy weather during relocation.

Choosing suitable temporary storage units

Storage warehouses come with their own issues and you must always inspect your space allotment before deciding to store your goods with them. It is advisable to check their safety measures such as access to storage areas, surveillance and maintenance of the storage unit. You can even ask to visit your unit beforehand and ensure that the space is free of rodents and other insects that might damage your boxes. If at any time you feel a lack in their maintenance, you should get in touch with the company and ask for suitable measures to be taken.


Dismantling furniture before relocation

Whether you use a removal service or a man with a van, it is always useful to dismantle furniture as much as possible before moving it. This not only saves space in the van but also ensures that the items stay protected and intact during transit. After dismantling, they can even be packed individually in bubble wrap or bed sheets and taped properly before putting them in boxes to provide extra protection.


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