Comfort Moves Ltd is a removals company specializing in home and commercial moves for residential and business customers, operating from Chippenham across the UK and most of Europe.

We have highly experienced and professionally trained staff. We understand how important it is to handle client’s possessions with care – we therefore apply rigorous standards of training for all our team. And, if the worst should happen, all accidental breakages are covered through our comprehensive insurance, giving you total peace of mind.

Much of our business comes from personal recommendations from happy customers, so our focus on customer care is second to none. Click HERE to read our feedback.


All our very experienced staff are clean and smartly dressed, in keeping with the modern image of our company. It’s not just good enough to look good… we also understand how important it is to handle client’s furniture with care. We therefore apply rigorous standards of training through our designated programme for all new staff. This ensures that the essentials of care are thoroughly absorbed before a customer’s valuable furniture is ever touched.

Training also extends to customer care and all staff are trained to be polite and helpful: each member of staff is bound by a code of good practice and we are only too aware that your recommendation can only enhance our name.


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